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India & US to Collaborate on Clean Energy Innovation

December 11, 2012 | No Comments →

India and the US, in a combined initiative to promote clean energy innovation, have initiated a center called Solar Energy Research Institute for India and the US (SERIIUS). It will create a bi-national network for fostering new ideas and collaborations to accelerate a sustainable industry focusing on solar energy. The consortium funded by two countries is co-led by the Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the USA. The center was officially launched by the consortium in Mumbai with around 30 participants from institutes and industries of both countries.

The vision of SERIIOUS is to create an innovative and cooperative environment without borders to develop revolutionary solar electricity technologies. IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IISC are some of the prominent institutes associated with the initiative while Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy(C-STEP); Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd are the significant industries. Institutes and industries from the US include Purdue University, Stanford University and RAND Corporation among others.

More details of SERIIUS and the work proposed to be done are available at