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The Sustainability Consortium – A Top 10 World Changing Idea for 2012

November 25, 2012

The Sustainability Consortium, a global multi-stakeholder organization developing science-based tools that advance the measurement and reporting of consumer product sustainability, has been ranked in the top ten World Changing Ideas for 2012 by Scientific American.

The Scientific American issue, set to release in December, outlines the ten “innovations that are radical enough to change our lives.” The Sustainability Consortium has been recognized as a superior sustainability measurement and reporting system due to its comprehensive nature and cross-sector approach. “The Consortium’s ratings will factor in closely held data on emissions, waste, labor practices, water usage and other sensitive factors…” said Adam Piore, author of the Scientific American article. “The data should make the index more comprehensive than others.”

The Sustainability Consortium will publish information for over 100 product categories in 2012. TSC has seven sectors and areas of focus including; Food, Beverage, and Agriculture, Electronics, Toys, Home and Personal Care, Paper, Pulp, and Forestry and Packaging. An additional group focused on Clothing, Footwear, and Textiles will launch in February 2013.

Read the full article by Scientific American Magazine here.

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