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Murdoch Announces News Corporation is Carbon Neutral

March 16, 2011

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, announced last week that the company has become carbon neutral across all of its global operations.

In a letter to his employees, Murdoch says that reaching this major sustainability milestone puts News Corporation on the path to becoming the “innovative, regenerative business we want to be.” He writes:

In the long term, we aim to grow our business without growing our carbon footprint, to power our operations with clean electricity, to minimize solid waste to landfill from our production operations, and to continue to engage our audiences on sustainability issues through partnerships and content of the highest caliber.

Murdoch also outlines how the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability has resulted in significant business benefits. For instance, News Corporation has:

  • Saved millions of dollars by improving the energy efficiency of our day-to-day operations. These initiatives range from simple solutions such as lighting retrofits and automatic PC shut-down to systemic changes, such as reducing the need for air travel and data center consolidation.
  • Supported clean energy. Murdoch reports that News Corporation’s UK businesses now procure 100% of their electricity from renewable sources.
  • Launched carbon footprinting standards and tools for film, television, sports, and event production, as well as a sustainable vendor guide.

As Climate Counts points out, the media has a dual role in terms of meeting climate change challenges.

First, media companies need to measure and manage their own operations. In addition, they also play an important role in providing “useful, substantive information on issues like climate change to audiences that are ready for it.” Interestingly, Climate Counts gave News Corporation 69 out of a possible 100 points when measuring its commitment to fight global warming. News Corporation ranked below GE (78 points), but above Disney (55), Time Warner (40), CBS (39) and Viacom (6).

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