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Survey: 93 Percent of Companies Have, or Are Developing, a Sustainable Packaging Policy

November 17, 2009

If you’re in the sustainable packaging sector, the good news just keeps coming.

Last week, the Tompkins’ Supply Chain Consortium released news that its survey of top retail- and manufacturing-related companies found that more than 65 percent of companies have some type of sustainable packaging policy in place. Another 28 percent are currently developing a policy.

That means nearly all (93 percent) of the companies polled are making a commitment to sustainable packaging .

Interestingly, this new survey also reveals that sustainable packaging is becoming more about “hard” savings rather than “soft” benefits. For 79 percent of companies, packaging sustainability impacts their strategic direction in the area of energy and material costs. 76 percent see an impact in environmental and economic concerns. At the same time, executives see less of an impact in the areas of increasing competitiveness and access to new markets.

“Sustainable packaging projects are resting on the shoulders of transportation efficiency, improved package handling, and the percentage of recycled content in the packaging material,” says Bruce Tompkins, Executive Director of the Consortium and author of the Packaging Sustainability Report. “Initiatives that are ‘green’ (financially) and ‘green’ (environmentally) are needed.”

sustainable packaging criteria

You can download the full report here (registration required).

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